Naperville Catering Services

For the last 23 years, Tasty Catering has been collaborating with the finest corporations in Chicagoland in corporate catering enterprises. We are celebrated as being one of the top notch corporate catering and event planning businesses in the region. In fact, Crain’s Business named us as one of the “Best Places to Work” for the sixth consecutive year! Those kinds of accolades don’t just happen by chance, they are earned by hard work and dedicated effort!

Furthermore, Tasty Catering has been on the receiving end of numerous other awards in the industry, as well. We know that doing things the right way from the very beginning of our relationships with clients goes a long way toward ensuring future success. Customers like the feeling that they are the focus of your attention. This is one of the characteristics of Tasty Catering. We make our corporate catering clients believe they are our “one and only” customers who truly matter. So, if you are wondering why we are consistently recognized as the top-drawer corporate and business catering business in the area – this is the reason why – we take care of our customers and we cultivate our relationships with them in order to shape a business friendship that will endure for years to come! Tasty Catering has been providing catering services to our valued customers in Naperville for many years. In fact, recently, a number of Naperville businesses have contacted us about their approaching annual business catering picnic.

Naperville Corporate Catering

Naperville, Illinois was voted as the “Second Best Place to Live in the United States” by Money Magazine in 2006. Located in both DuPage County and Will Counties, Naperville is the fifth largest state in Illinois behind Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet. Over twice as many people in Naperville live in DuPage County as they do in Will County. In 2010, there were reported to be close to 142,000 people living in Naperville, with nearly 50,000 households and almost 40,000 family households. Naperville is considered to be the 169th most populous city in the United States. The median income in Naperville is approximately $102,000 and its median family income is more than $130,000. Although, Naperville was once a relatively quiet and picturesque agricultural community, today it is an affluent community with a number of corporate headquarters located there. In 2010, a study named Naperville the “Wealthiest City in the Midwest” and the 11th wealthiest in the US with a population exceeding 75,000. It is no wonder that the corporate bigwigs look to Tasty Catering as their corporate catering choice!

Naperville Business Catering

When you have Tasty Catering cover your corporate catering event, they will steer you through the labyrinth of uncertainties like: how much food should you serve; what kind of beverage is best; do you want entertainment, and if so, who; what will your theme be and what about the décor. After Tasty Catering has signed on for your corporate catering celebration, you can anticipate that we will honor our deadlines and fulfill your expectations. These are the attributes that have been winning over clients for the last two decades. We truly care about our customers and we endeavor to keep them for the life of our company.Tasty Catering’s commitment to deliver on its promises has emerged into a guiding principle dedicated to exceptional service and high standards. To learn more about our affordable and impressive corporate catering events, call us today. We are looking forward to serving your interests and the interests of your company.