Culture at Tasty

Just like many other companies, a long list of “right time, right place, right people” moments describe the foundation of Tasty Catering.

Our background has always been in food service, though not always catering. The company’s roots can be traced back to the 1980s with the opening of Tasty Dawg, the first of several fast food hot dog restaurants. The success of those restaurants led to the request for corporate catering, beginning with smaller lunch orders and soon growing into entire picnics and company events.

Book by Tasty Catering Chicago CEO Tom Walter

Tasty Dawg’s catering division was booming, and with the addition of several key team members, brothers and owners Tom, Larry and Kevin turned the Tasty team’s focus to catering.

Eventually, the three existing Tasty Dawg locations were shut down in favor of the full-time, full-service catering company—Tasty Catering—that was now operating out of a commercial kitchen in Elk Grove Village, IL.

With continued success and the addition of even more key employees, Tasty Catering made another leap—this time into a large 22,000 sq-ft building—in 2005 to better accommodate the growth in sales, food and event production, services, menus and employees.

We are proud to provide so many jobs to the community and grateful to have the opportunity to employ people of all different backgrounds and histories. At our peak, each summer, Tasty Catering’s staff swells to over 200 full- and part-time employees. There is just one thing we ask each of our employees to do: follow our culture statements.

For the last several years, Tasty Catering has turned a successful, family-owned and operated business into a thriving member of the Elk Grove community. We have our unique and outstanding culture to thank for attracting and maintaining so many quality staff members and clients.

We have achieved a certain level of notoriety over the years, and we continue to feel honored today to have received such notoriety, recognition and awards from a variety of truly admirable organizations. Tasty Catering’s numerous awards include industry awards, such as Caterer of the Year, and business awards like Top Small Workplaces, to diverse recognition, such as Psychologically Healthy Workplace and Coolest Places to Work, among many, many others.